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How we help CIOs: our unique model and services.

experienced technology executives

Our experienced technologists work on your biggest challenges.

  • C-level executives who have “Been There. Done That.” – part SWAT team, part mentors, part sounding boards
  • Business-focused to solve critical technology challenges and support your efforts to present complex solutions to the C-Suite
  • Help solidify your seat at the table and support your efforts for continous respect of IT within the organization


In the trenches with you to reach the finish line.

  • Strategic technical roadmap evolved from corporate goals and current state
  • Your insurance policy – avoiding common pitfalls and aligning capabilities to goals
  • Bringing to bear the technical resources to help you execute on the strategy

full data lifecycle capabilities

Data = Revenue (Gained or Lost).

Technical capabilities across the entire data lifecycle.

  • Data Strategy & Architecture
  • Data Governance & Mastering
  • Data Analytics & Intelligence
  • Data Operations

Put experienced technology executives to work on your biggest challenges.

our team

  • Dave Taddei

    Founder & CEO

    Dave is a business-focused technologist and entrepreneur who who has designed and implemented enterprise-level software solutions for a diverse roster of companies...

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  • RJ Juliano

    Principal Consultant

    RJ is an experienced CIO, CTO, CMO and administration/operations executive with a reputation as a versatile operations and technology leader. Skilled in creating...

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  • Jim Schott

    Principal Consultant

    Jim is an experienced CTO who has led multi-million dollar projects that leveraged technology to achieve goals of systems migrations, upgrades and integration...

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We work with clients to solve critical business issues, unlock revenue opportunities and leverage technology as a strategic asset.

select projects

Project Management Institute (PMI)

  •  Strategic Guidance
  • Full Data Lifecycle (Data Strategy, Master Data Management, Data Analytics, and Data Operations)


  • Strategic Guidance
  • Master Data Management
  • Web Application (Intranet)
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Brandywine Realty Trust

  • Strategic Guidance
  • Mobile App (iPhone)
  • Web Applications (Public, Extranet, Intranet)
  • Database Integration
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BNY Mellon

  • Strategic Guidance
  • Program Management and Requirements

Royal Bank America

  • Strategic Guidance & Lending Platform
  • Web Application
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  • Strategic Guidance & CTO
  • Web Application
  • Enterprise Integration & Reporting

Data = Revenue (Gained or Lost). Let us help you focus on gaining!

Deep technical capabilities in everything data

Nearly every business goals needs data to be successful.  Creating a sound strategy for how data will meet those goals is a critical component to not only supporting those goals, but earning a seat at the table.

  • Strategic technical roadmaps –  evolved from corporate goals, current state and what can be executed
  • Modern data architecture design – responsibly designing the “go forward architecture” (GFA) that leverages modern techniques and technologies
  • C-level business-focused presentation of complex technology recommendations
  • Assessment of application portfolios, architecture, processes and approaches

To execute on your strategy you will need accurate, verified and trusted data combined from disparate systems that the business owns and IT stewards.

  • Data governance – involve the business in owning data their data, creating rules and being a partner with IT.
  • Master Data Management – the technology that implements the results of Data governance to enforce business rules, create a single, trusted version of an “Entity” (person, place or thing), and allow the business to correct and manage their data.
  • Operational Data Store – aggregate and consolidate information from multiple transactional systems to provide numerous benefits to other systems and application.

Turn your data into information and corporate wisdom to gain competitive advantages and increase revenues.

  • Data Warehouses – build your analytics engine.
  • Data Science – leveraging Big Data analytics to drive impactful growth, revenue and profit in ways previously not possible.
  • Business Intelligence tools – utilize tools such as Qlik, Tableau and PowerBI to make your key operational and executive metrics actionable

The best strategies and execution will fail if they cannot be operationalized.  Keeping everything running smoothly day in and day out is critical to reducing the fire fights and derailments to free your team up for higher valued tasks.

  • Leverage on- and off-shore 24×7 monitoring and maintenance
  • Become proactive with capacity planning, upgrades and performance
  • Add effective High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities
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