Integress has been instrumental to Royal Bank in automating our home equity lending process. They have given us the ability to provide our customers home equity approvals while we sleep!
¬ Lars Eller, EVP, Chief Retail Officer (Royal Bank America)
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Client: Royal Bank America, a community bank headquartered in Suburban Philadelphia ($730M in assets)

What: Home Equity Lines and Loans from a seamless online application to loan processing

What they are seeing:
  • No more manual entry - the "file" is now ready for underwriting in minutes
  • Contingent approvals in a little over 1 minute
  • 25% of applications are now being entered online by borrowers
  • Existing staff are handling more loans
  • Setup in under 8 weeks with limited time commitment from staff
  • Loans have been decisioned in as little as 2 1/2 hours
Loan Origination System (LOS)

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Created by Integress, a Philadelphia-based company, the Invantage Suite ® automates consumer and commercial processing and helps community banks accelerate growth, gain a competitive advantage and improve compliance through technology.

  • Contingently approve loans within 2 minutes
  • Reduce origination costs by up to 65%
  • Create an online borrower application so you can compete with larger banks
  • Automation where possible; manual where necessary to preserve your procedures
  • Many changes can be made in minutes
  • A single platform that support multiple types of loans and other processes
  • Enforcement of all internal and compliance-related policies and procedures
Key Features
Compliance Management

Enforce all internal and compliance-related policies and procedures during and after the origination process.

  • Flexible rules engine to enforce policies
  • Configurable fields
  • Role-based viewing of data
  • Extensive auditing
Dashboard and integrated reporting

View clearly defined tasks and responsibilities across branch, underwriting, and compliance departments and run reports across products.

  • Personalized dashboard with clearly defined actions
  • Executive reporting and metrics
  • Flexible custom reports
  • Download to Excel if needed
Configurable workflow

Preserve your banks' best practices with a flexible and highly configurable workflow engine. We start with our template and mold it to your processes, policies and procedures.

  • Online application with modern look and usability
  • Automated contingent approvals, pulling of credit and scoring
  • Automated calculations and quick view of key metrics
  • Configurable tasks and actions