What Your Peers Are Doing

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A client mobile and web
  • Client: Brandywine Realty Trust
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Our value:
    • Strategy planning around the product roadmap and putting together the different pieces
    • Project and delivery management
    • Custom mobile, web and database development resources
An investment platform for high net worth individuals
  • Client: A large financial institution
  • Industry: Investment management
  • Our value:
    • Deep industry knowledge in investment management systems and processes from the front-to-back-office.
    • Ability to lead a geographically disperse team and drive the understanding of the business needs.
    • Strategic planning to put together the pieces in the right order.
Business process automation and integration with a client portal
  • Client: MaGrann Associates
  • Industry: Green Energy Building and Rating
  • Our value:
    • Invantage Suite ® Mission Control to manage internal and external workflows and to integrate with a client portal
    • Custom web and database development expertise
    • Planning the roadmap and offering to their clients
Invantage Suite ® Loan Origination

Process quicker..impress customers..

Our vision is to bring large bank technology solutions and best practices to community banks. With the Invantage Suite ® Loan Origination System community banks improve operations while offering customers a superior experience.

With our product community banks can:

  • Reduce processing times and costs per application
  • Accelerate time to market with a low initial investment
  • Leverage technology to manage growth
  • Improve confidence and compliance
Industry Leaders Wanted

Lead the industry..be rewarded..

We are continually evolving and improving the Invantage Suite ®. You benefit by meeting your goals at a reduced cost with a technology partner very interested in your success.

We need banking leaders with the following business needs:

  • Compliance
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Executive dashboard and decision engine
  • Unification of silos of information and systems
  • Internal and external reporting